In view of the coronavirus situation, we would like to provide some information on the precautionary measures we will have in place for our upcoming Holiday Camps to assure you of your children's safety and well-being at Camp Asia.

Our Holiday Camps are running at Stamford American International School and the Australian International School and we are proud to be able to operate with the same international-school-quality measures and policies as our sister-schools. 

The precautionary measures we follow are determined by Singapore's Ministry of Health. We also, in coordination with our Cognita sister-schools, monitor the Ministry of Education's (MOE) and Committee for Private Education's (CPE) latest advisories as well - and keep safety at the forefront of our decision making.


1 Lorong Chuan, SG 556818
1 Woodleigh Lane, SG 357684

All attendees must enter via Gate 3 only.

This is for all walk-ins, taxi/car drop-offs, and parking

Buses will enter via Gate 2

Gate 1: For Parking

Gate 1 Turnstile: Walk-ins

Gate 2: Drop-off (Security Hub / Side-Gate)


We will be conducting temperature screenings for ALL visitors at the above entrances before anyone accesses the campus. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5°C (and above) will not be permitted to enter the school’s premises. All families may access the school via the multiple screening areas as listed below:

Campers will be screened twice daily - once upon entering and again after lunch.


All Camp Asia staff and visitors (Parents, Guardians, Helpers, Children) entering the campus will be required to submit a travel declaration, detailing all travel plans between Feb 26 2020 and July 31 2020.

This is mandatory for all staff and visitors, at both camp locations.

Travel Declaration forms will be sent to parents upon booking and you may also access/submit an electronic copy here. There will be hard copies available at the gates but advise you to submit online prior to your arrival to ease the waiting time.


All camp weeks are capped at below 250 participants on-site at one time. The general population is split into individual camp groups anyway, with multi-activity groups led straight to their homerooms. For our larger sports camps, we have capped camps at a max. of 40 children (and split into smaller groups across the gym/field).


We encourage parents to avoid entering the campus unless necessary (e.g. to accompany a child below 8 years of age). At this time essential Parent access will be limited to sign-in and sign-out times. There will be no access to the parent cafe during these Easter camps, and no parent showcase on Fridays for the Easter camps.

(We love our parents and truly regret that you will miss the Friday showcases on this occasion. We appreciate your kind understanding of the measures we need to take at this time...)


To ensure best hygiene practices and safer distancing, we will suspend our Merchandise table for the time being. For those who have ordered Merchandise, it will be delivered to your children in their classroom on the first day. Please direct any questions/exchanges requests to We will address all queries virtually at this time.


There will be greater distancing between campers at mealtimes, and queues (both at the canteen and within the sessions themselves) will be spaced out and monitored by coaches and TAs


Limiting interactions during break & lunchtimes amongst children in the various activities is another measure we're implementing to reduce the risk of contamination.

Children will have just as much fun during their break as in our previous camps, the only difference here will be the reduced number of children in any one area. 


In line with MOH advisories, we will not hold any swimming pool or paddling pool sessions at this time. Instead, swimming pool sessions will be replaced with other water-play activities (e.g. super-soaker capture the flag/slip-n-slide).


In line with MOE advisories, we must adhere to the "suspension of excursions and field trips" for the time being.


To assure our families in these uncertain times - we are offering refunds on all Camps if we are forced to cancel due to new government advisories/restrictions (e.g. school closures) or cannot deliver the camps. To add some extra comfort, we will also allow free cancellations up to 7 days before camps commence.


Our maintenance and cleaning teams will be conducting a deep clean of the schools before and after the camp week, all facilities used and will be conducting more frequent cleaning of eating/shared areas.

As the situation is extremely fluid, we will keep families updated on any developments (that affect camp activities) as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming all families, old and new, to our exciting Easter Camps this year and would like to also thank all members of our community for their support as we work tirelessly towards keeping our camp locations a SAFE & HAPPY environment for all! 


Here are some questions we often get asked about our response to COVID-19. You may find the answer to your own question here.

If not, please feel free to call us on +65 6289 5888 or email us at 

A: The multi-ministries taskforce set up by the Singapore Government has implemented an all-of-society, all-of-government approach that has received praise from WHO officials. Singapore has been held up as a good example for other countries. As mentioned by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, COVID-19 will be with us here for some time to come and the multi-ministries taskforce will continue to review their approach, and introduce additional precautionary measures to contain the spread of the virus. We can therefore play our part by cooperating and following advisories issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Unlike most businesses of our nature, Camp Asia also closely monitors and adheres to advisories from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Committee for Private Education (CPE) - thanks to being well-positioned amongst our Cognita sister-schools in Singapore.

We believe this is the best and most consistent approach, and trust the Singapore authorities and the decisions they are making in regards to COVID-19.

A:As part of the enhanced precautionary measures announced by MOE, they will issue a 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) to students and staff of schools, who have returned from overseas on or after 14 March. This is to cover staff or children who traveled overseas during the March school holidays. Camp Asia will also be adopting this measure to further secure the safety and wellbeing of our families.

The date of return to Singapore would be considered Day 0. Staff or children may then join the camp on Day 15. This includes staff or children who recently returned from Malaysia by land or sea.

A:Your child need not be on LOA if he/she didn't travel with you and your child will still be able to attend camps. However, all parents are encouraged to monitor both their health & their child’s health and to seek medical assistance immediately if either is unwell.

A:Camp Asia is following all guidelines/advisories as set by the Ministry of Health (MOH). To name a few, we require completed travel declarations & temperature screening for all persons entering the premises, class sizes have been reduced and break & lunch times staggered. Please see our full list of precautionary measures here.

A:Temperature-taking exercises will be conducted daily; once before entering the premises and the second; after lunch. If your child’s temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, the Camp Nurse will contact you to ask that your child be taken to see a doctor. The Camp nurses, coaches, TAs and Camp Asia team also looks out for other flu-like symptoms such as cough and runny nose and will recommend parents to bring their child to seek further medical assistance.

In the case that a child informs their teacher that he/she is unwell, even though he/she may not be running a fever or showing symptoms, the nurse will reach out to parents.  In these cases, we hope children and parents can all play their part and practise social responsibility by seeing a doctor first before coming to camp. Children should return to camp only when they have fully recovered.

A: Yes. If someone connected to camp tests positive, camps will be suspended to carry out disinfection of the camp premises. We will follow all MOH/NEA guidance with regards to cleaning and/or closure - and parents will be informed immediately.

A: Yes, with reference to MOH guidelines, all ‘Level 2’ contacts are to be quarantined and you should inform Camp Asia if a member of your household has been issued a quarantine order (QO). Your child will also not be able to attend camp if any member of your household is issued a QO.

A:We have adopted all measures as instructed by MOH (and following MOE and CPE measures as set by our sister schools) to minimise risk. We have scaled-down class sizes, and will minimise inter-mingling by keeping groups together during transit and meal times. We already practice staggered break times.

Wipe-down routines in canteens - we will introduce alternate spaced seating positions to ensure greater distances are maintained during lunch and recess.

A: Due to the steep increase to the number of imported cases of COVID-19, we need to step up our protocols in terms of visitors to the school.

We urge Parents and Guardians to limit time on campus to pick up and drop offs only. Even then, we would discourage any non-essential access to parents/visitors whose children are old enough to sign themselves in/out each day.

Unfortunately, parents will no longer be able to remain in the campus, in the parent cafes, during the day, or after camp. We also suggest that parents adopt the social distancing principles when waiting to collect children and not gather in groups. We hope this request is taken within the context of having everyone playing their part to minimize any further risk of community spread. We ask Parents and Guardians to share this information with your domestic helpers who may do the pick up and drop off duties.

There will be no parent-showcases for these 2 weeks of Easter camp.

For Singapore Ministries' FAQs about COVID-19 please visit: