(Ages 5-10 & 11-14)

Our new and improved Super Soccer camp is back. Together we are offering the most exciting and extensive Soccer camp offered in Singapore.

Take regular soccer elements (skills, drills and games), add in daily prizes and educational sessions, and increase the fun around every corner with slip-n-slides, quizzes and Friday's mini-World Cup.

By joining Super Soccer your child will get a better understanding of the game, learn new skills, gain confidence and have fun while being active. All these things will help instill values which will benefit them on and off the field long after their days at Camp Asia.

We cater to girls and boys of all abilities - from beginners all the way to elite players.

Every child joining this camp will receive a FREE Branded Soccer kit!

"James plays soccer every day so it was good to find this for him over the school holidays. It was good to see the coaches playing him at the right level to help him improve"

Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
LYAS NYAR: Senior Football Coach

Former Professional Football Player that exercises his passion for this sport with abundant energy and strong organizational skills in the Singapore Football Coaching

Enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success through hard work and dedication.

Desire to learn and overcome challenges as a way to reach higher standards in all aspects.

3 years
Professional Football Player
Values & Principles in Sports
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
MAHMOUD GOMDA ABDUL-SAMAD: Head coach of Football Centre of Excellence

A driven and determined former professional footballer in Ghana, Singapore and Australia.

He brings all of his experience gained as a former professional footballer with the belief that all Dreams can become Reality with the right technical skills associated with hard work and a good mindset.

Keen interest in a variety of sports which gives him a holistic view on how to improve and motivate individuals in their football journey towards excellence.

10 years
Professional Football Player
in Education &
Ball Mastery
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
MOHAMAD SANI: Senior Football Coach

An independent, dynamic, flexible, and highly motivated person who can best be described as a self-starter.

Committed to fostering a positive team environment favourable to achieving success on the field. Proficient in designing effective game plans, consisting of powerful defensive and offensive techniques.

9 years
Certified Coach
Asian Football Confederation, 
Football Association of Singapore &
Age Days Timing Price Per Week
5 through 10 Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm $760 (5-day camp)
11 through 14 Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm $760 (5-day camp)
*Price includes a healthy lunch (cooked fresh daily), morning and afternoon snacks and a BRANDED soccer kit (top, shorts and socks)!

Sample Timetable








Topic: 1v1's
Skill: Feint / Double Feint

TopicPass & Receive
SkillScissor / Double Scissor

TopicDefensive 1v1’s
SkillStepover / Double Stepover

SkillSole Roll Scissor / SRS Dragback

TopicCompetition Day
SkillSole Roll Stepover / SRS Rabona Flick

08:30 - 09:00 Arrival
09:00 - 10:00

Head Coach Intro & Club Selections

Warm Up, Fun Drills & Skill of the Day

Warm Up

Fun Drills & Skill of the Day

Warm Up

Fun Drills & Skill of the Day

Warm Up

Fun Drills & Skill of the Day

Warm Up

Weekly Recap

10:00 - 10:30 Break
10:30 - 11:00 Fun 1v1 Training Drills Fun Passing Training Drills Fun Defending Training Drills Fun Finishing Training Drills Soccer Training
11:00 - 11:45 Competitive 1v1 Games Competitive Passing Games Competitive Defensive Games Competitive Finishing Games Mini World Cup Tournament
11:45 - 12:30 Challenge: Dribbling Time Trial Challenge: Football Golf Challenge: 3v3 Tournament Slip 'n' Slide
12.30 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 14:00

JSSL Dribbling Video Session

Quiz & Group Project

JSSL Passing Video Session

Individual Quiz & Group Project (Flags)

JSSL Defending Video Session

Individual Quiz & Group Project (Cheer)

JSSL Shooting Video Session

Quiz & Group Project – Flags/Cheer

Mini World Cup Tournament

14:00 - 14:55 Competition & Matches Competition and Matches Competition & Matches Competition & Matches

Presentations & Awards (14:40)

15:00  Afternoon Snack and Home

Information to note prior to booking:


We have a full-time nurse on site for every camp week operating from the schools’ health centres. Our nurses are there to administer medication, first aid and support with all COVID-19 reporting, as needed. The nurse is available Monday morning to collect any medications and speak to parents before camp starts. Our Camp Asia team are all first-aid trained.


Healthy Lunch and snacks (cooked fresh daily) are included in the cost of your camp. If your child is a vegetarian, does not or cannot eat beef, pork, seafood, dairy or eggs or has other dietary needs, simply tell us beforehand in your child’s details online. Please also note that Camp Asia has a nut-minimisation policy.

Bus Service

We offer a highly convenient, safe, secure and sociable bus service to and from camp, calling at a stop near your home. In line with COVID-19 regulations, buses will be cleaned before and after every journey.

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