Welcome to Camp Asia Perks loyalty experience that is free for everyone to join. Dedicated to always improve the holiday experience of our community, campers who register with us can get to enjoy exclusive discounts and more! 

  1. Register- Unlock your perks with a simple registration of your account. It’s free to join!
  2. Gain- Book more camps and gain more perks.
  3. Redeem- Enjoy exclusive rewards under ‘My Perks’.

Explore your Tier Benefits
All Camp Asia Family members can enjoy benefits and are entitled to accumulate bookings to raise their tier. Advance to the next tier for more benefits.


A: After logging into your account, you can check your tier details by clicking on ‘My Perks’. Under that page, you can also view the list of partner discounts for you to enjoy.
If you are under the Gold Tier, a priority booking email will be sent to you where you can get first dips on bookings and secure your camp slots!

A:There are two different tiers for Camp Asia Family Members: Gold and Classic.
To become:

  • Classic: Simply register for an account, no spending required
  • Gold: Purchase camps and accumulate a total of more than 10 camp bookings in your tier cycle

A:Your tier cycle starts when you join the loyalty program and goes on for 24 months unless your current tier is upgraded. If upgraded, the new tier cycle will get extended for 24 months, ending after 24 months from the date of upgrade. The tier end date is also known as your tier expiry date.

E.g. I joined the loyalty program on 1 Jan 2024 and got upgraded to Silver on 20 Mar 2024.
Original tier cycle: 1 Jan 2024 to 31 Dec 2026 (24 months)
New tier cycle after upgrade: 20 Mar 2024 to 19 Mar 2026 (24 months; assuming no further tier upgrades in this period)