All our sites are very close to the city center, so reaching us by automobile, public bus or MRT is a breeze.

To make camp even easier to get to, we have our own private bus service to popular places around the island. No need for daily parent drop-offs or pick-ups, and kids get to have a blast socializing beyond camp.

When you book online, you can easily add the bus service and find your nearest stop.

Bus Service - Key Info

  • Price: $120 for 5 day camps, per child (two-way trip).
  • 30 convenient bus stops across the island (not door-to-door).
  • For exact bus stop locations please click here.
  • Pick up and drop off must be at the same bus stop.
  • Service starts at 7:30 am, ensuring kids arrive by 8:45 am for their 9 am classes.
  • Arrive 5 minutes early for the bus
  • All buses come with helpful 'Bus Aunties.' When kids arrive, our team guides them to the registration desk. At the end of the day, Teachers sign the children out and return them to the bus, where the Bus Aunties take charge.
  • Changes to bus stops can be made online at least 10 days before camp.
  • Bus waits for a maximum of 1 minute per stop, so please be punctual.
  • Parents/caregivers cannot travel with children due to insurance.
  • Notify us ( or telephone (6289 5888) at least 10 days in advance if you want to stop using the bus; otherwise, fees are forfeited. If you give us at least 10 days advance notice, we will issue you with a credit note or allow a change in your bus stop.

*During non-peak camp weeks, bus transportation is subject to availability and demand. We require a minimum number of bus registrations before we confirm the bus services.

Child Safety

Your children's safety is our utmost priority, including their journey to and from camp. To ensure optimal safety on our camp buses, it's highly recommended that all children shorter than 1.35m utilize a child safety restraint (CSR). We support this with trained bus attendants and camp ambassadors who are skilled in using bus-friendly CSRs such as the RideSafer vest.