It’s our responsibility to plan all of the camps and ensure that everything runs smoothly - not least the safety and enjoyment of your children and your satisfaction and peace of mind.

To ensure you and the children are ready for camp, we have put together this essential pre-camp reading.

Our Locations

  • We currently have 2 camp locations so please double check which venue each holiday camp is being held at!
1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore 556818
1 Woodleigh Lane, Singapore 357684

MRT: Lorong Chuan station (5-minute walk). Please enter school via Gate 3

Bus: #73, 105 or 159 stop right outside the school. Please enter school via Gate 3

Driving/Parking: Please enter school via Gate 3 for security clearance, park at Basement B1. Take lift to L1 for Camp Asia registration at the Undercroft area.

Taxi/Grab: Please enter school via Gate 3 for security clearance

MRT: Woodleigh station (North East Line) Use Exit B. Please enter via Gate 2.

Bus: #13, 100, 107, 107M, 133, 135, 147, 155, 853, 853C and NR6 buses stop outside the main campus front gate. Please enter school via Gate 2.

Driving/Parking: Please enter via Gate 1 for security clearance, park at Basement L1. You can take lift to L2 for Camp Asia registration at Washington Plaza

Taxi/Grab: Please enter school via Gate 2 for security clearance


Australian International School registration is at the Undercroft Area, opposite the junior field, near Gate 3.

Registration starts at 8.30am. If you arrive after 9am please speak to the Camp Asia team at the above registration area – we will lead your child to their camp.

Stamford registration is at Washington Plaza Level 2, next to the Jefferson Building, overlooking the field.

Registration starts at 8.30am. If you arrive after 9am please speak to the Camp Asia team at the above registration area – we will lead your child to their camp.

Arrival / Drop Off

  • Registration starts at 8:30am
  • Try to arrive by 8:45am latest so the children can settle in and get to their camp by 9am.
  • If you arrive after the Camp start time (9am) please bring the children to the registration area and we will lead them to their camps.
  • All children taking Camp Asia buses will be guided from the bus bay to the registration area by our CA transport team.
  • For all parents, guardians or helpers coming to camp - please ensure children are signed IN on our iPad system daily. If someone else (not previously indicated) is dropping them off, please call/email us with their full name and ID number.

Home Time / Pick Up

  • The last activity finishes at 2.45pm and children should be collected at 3pm. Everyone must be picked up by 3:15pm.
  • All children taking Camp Asia buses will be signed out by their Teaching Assistant and escorted down to the bus bay at 2:50pm and be brought to their bus. Buses leave at 3.10 pm.
  • If you wish to collect your child who is registered on the bus, you MUST inform the Camp Asia team by phone or email before 12pm daily.
  • If you’re running late, please call or send an email to
  • For all parents, guardians or helpers coming to camp - please ensure children are signed OUT of our iPad system daily.
  • If someone else (not previously indicated) is picking them up, please call/email us with their full name and ID number.
  • Please note afternoon snack will be given in the last session to be taken home with the children.

Preparing Your Child For Camp

Camp Asia is all about having FUN and making new friends. We really would like your children to feel “Happy and Safe”. We do this by making your child our priority. When your child comes to Camp Asia for the first time, here are some tips:

  • All Camp Staff will be in bright Red and White shirts. Please tell your child to look for us if they have any worries or concerns, as they arrive at Camp or at any time during the week.
  • A name tag or other form of identification is essential for younger children or for those who’s first language is not English, particularly if they are using the bus service. The Camp Staff will also label the children as they arrive. Please label all your children’s belongings, this helps us return items if they are misplaced.
  • Camp Asia can often be very busy on the first day so please arrive earlier if it is your first time. Monday is particularly busy as parents, helpers and children arrive to take part in the Camp. By arriving early, you will allow your child to settle and become familiar with their surroundings.
  • If your child does not speak English, do give them key messages in English on little cards, which they can use if they need our support, i.e., “please call my mum, I am worried”. This will help staff help your child.
  • We love that Camp Asia children get to make new friends. If your children needs any further support or have specific worries or concerns that we should be aware, please email us in advance. This will help us take the best care of them on Camp.
  • We take friend requests and try our best to allocate friends to the same group, where possible, however please ensure you let us know in advance.

The success of this experience for your child is dependent on our partnership. Please help us make your child’s time at Camp Asia an awesome one. #SafeandHappy

What to Wear

  • Camp Asia T-shirt with comfortable sporty clothing.
  • Sporty attire, trainers or sneakers for safety (closed in shoes).
  • Flip flops not allowed. 

What to Bring

All children should bring the following, clearly marked with their names:

  • Hat and change of clothes. We also have plenty of merchandise available at our customer service desks.
  • Refillable drink bottle. There is refill stations available on both our campuses.
  • Sunscreen is available at our customer service desk and teachers will apply sunscreen however please apply before coming to camp (We encourage the use of SPF 30+ broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen).
  • Super Chef: Tupperware for food they cook.
  • Super Sports and Multi-Activity: Swimming outfit, towel and goggles.

What NOT to Bring

  • Money, mobile phones and other valuables. Camp Asia will not be responsible for any lost items.
  • Please no mobile phones, laptops or iPads are to be used during camp times other than those provided by Camp Asia for Camps. Teachers will ask the children to put these items in their bags during camp sessions.

Lunch and Snacks

  • A healthy morning and afternoon snack, lunch and drink will be provided.
  • We have a Nut Minimization policy at our venues, so if you’re sending food with your children on camp, please make sure it’s nut-free.
  • We can offer no-beef, no-pork, no-seafood, no-egg, no-dairy, gluten free and vegetarian meals on request. Please check your requirements when booking online. Please note often the snacks for Allergy meals are fruit only, we highly recommend you pack extra allergy free snacks for fussy eaters. Anything we can help or support with your child’s food requirements please email us before camp and we’ll endeavor to make special arrangements if required.
  • If you have other dietary requirements please make sure you add these to the form too. We’ll do our best to cater for these needs but will let you know if it isn’t possible, in which case you’ll need to pack food to bring in.
  • We can’t heat food for lunches that are brought in.

Camp Asia Merchandise

  • Camp Asia will hand out Camp Asia T-shirts and extra merchandize ordered on the first day of each camp week, during their first activity. The T-shirt will be handed out in the first session of Day 1.
  • If the T-shirt does not fit, please go to the Information desk where we’ll change it for a different size.
  • If you need more gear, we have t-shirts, chef jackets, chef aprons, water bottles and bags available for purchase at the merchandise table.

Lost and Found

  • For Lost and Found items - please come to the Camp Asia Registration table. We naturally have many bottles, sports gear and hats that are misplaced.
  • If your child is on the bus please email and we will look for you! 

Healthy Children

When sending your children to Camp Asia, please be diligent in managing their health and don’t bring them to camp if they’re either ill (temperature over 37.6° Celsius) or have been exposed to an illness or virus. Should your child start to feel unwell during camp they will be taken to the Health Centre. Unwell children will need to be collected within 1 hour of the nurse contacting you. Please ensure we have all your medical information and emergency contact details.

Medical Attention - Camp Health Centre

A qualified nurse experienced with working with children will be on campus at all times. The Camp Asia Team have been certified with the following medical training and can provide the appropriate treatment: 

  • First Aid
  • CPR Training
  • EpiPen Practical Training

EpiPens and Medicine

Children have to bring their EpiPens or medicines (if any) in a large zip-lock bag with their name and dosage information clearly marked. Please include a copy of your allergy Action Plan with their EpiPen. These items will be collected by the nurse and kept at the Nurses’ Station (Health Centre) for the entire week of camp. Please ensure the expiration date is valid, out of date Epi-Pens will not be accepted onsite. At the end of the week, the labeled bag will be returned to your child to bring home. 

If your child has Asthma please include your child asthmatic plan to be submitted to the Health Centre Nurse.

Please do not send any medication to school with your children without advising the Camp Asia team and Nurses. Please send us an email should your child require medication and this will be sent to the nurse on site. Only Health Centre Staff will administer any medication to children and everything must be kept at the Health Centre. Children with high fevers will be sent home. If you have any concerns, please email the team in advance and prior to your Camp week.


For any reason you need to call us when the camps are in session, please contact the Camp Asia Team at +65 6593 3691.

We may be very busy at times and our phone is directed to a mobile phone so if you can't get hold of us, please leave a message and we promise we will call you back. Should your matter be urgent please also send an email to 

We hope your children will have the best experience at Camp Asia! If you need any more information or have any questions please contact the Camp Asia Team.