Years of experience, combined with research into the latest and most popular trends in Singapore and around the world, enable us to offer the widest possible program, all designed to keep your child engaged, learning and, above all, having fun in the holidays.

We’re certain you’re going to find the perfect camp that keeps your kids busy and engaged.

Click on the camp(s) you’re interested in below, and check out dates here.


Multi-Activity (ages 3 through 8)

A fun-packed day, full of different activities including arts & crafts, sports and performing arts


Multi-STEM (ages 9 through 12)

STEM Education is an approach to learning that integrates the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Super Soccer (ages 6 through 14)

A unique opportunity to train and play with local professionals who know what it takes to make it at the top!


Super Gymnastics (ages 5 through 12)

Children will learn to flip, twist, tumble and somersault their way towards agility, confidence, good health and great fun


Super Basketball (ages 7 through 16)

This camp is designed for children of all abilities to enjoy the ultimate basketball experience and learn to shine on the court 


Super Chef (ages 6 through 16)

Exploring the fascinating (and delicious) world of food, gaining kitchen confidence and as a finale – entertaining you, the parents!


Junior Scientist (ages 6 through 11)

Fun, excitement and educational - for junior scientists with an enquiring mind


Creative Coding (ages 6 through 11)

Using various programming platforms and coding technique to explore digital story-telling, computer game design and mobile app development!


Electronic MakerSpace (ages 6 through 11)

From electrical circuits to telecommunication technologies - children will learn about (and build their own) high-tech equipment.


Math Mania (ages 6 through 11) 

Whether your child is already a math whiz or needs a booster for the next school year - this camp is for them 


Lego Robotics (ages 6 through 11)

Building, programming and testing models and robots is fun with the world’s favourite construction toy


Drama Academy (ages 4 through 11)

All aspects of acting, creativity and choreography, culminating in a live performance for an audience at the end of this fun-filled week


Parkour (ages 7 through 11)

There’s a new way to get around. Singapore may be a concrete jungle, but kids can make it their playground through strength, agility and fearlessness!


Passion for Art (ages 6 through 12)

This camp will bring out the artist in your child, teaching about different styles, how to appreciate art and creating their own masterpieces


Mini Mandarin (ages 6 through 8)

What an important language. Taught by native speakers


Mini Dojo (ages 7 through 11)

Explore and experience different types of martial arts and allow the little ones to discover which they like best while learning self-defence.


Let’s Dance (ages 6 through 12)

Children will learn the fundamentals of dancing, proper execution of movements, understanding rhythm and music and most importantly, performing what they have learnt with passion and confidence.


Esports Plus

Immerse in an all-around sporting experience to unleash your child’s competitive spirit through challenging mobile and console games and physical sporting activities.