(Ages 10-13)

This online camp will be delivered LIVE by expert instructors in one of Camp Asia's dedicated Google Classrooms. 

All campers will be sent a Makerspace Kit prior to camp and will use their new gear to explore basic micro-controllers and how they are used in real-life projects.

By the end of the week of Electronic Makerspace iCamp, campers will complete a fun mechatronics project at home to wow their friends and fam.

Through learning the basics of automation and robotics, kids experience the new sector of physical computing that is fueling the most creative innovations today!

*All campers will receive (and get to keep) a 'Makerspace Kit' to use during their online camp!

*Participants will need a device (laptop/iPad) with an internet connection to join the camp.


"Aiden has always been a tech kid so this was the best camp for him, it made his holiday special and he picked up so many new skills.”

Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Yoni Garbourg: Head of Coding & Electronics

Yoni has 20 years of software engineering experience in the financial services industry working in New York, London and Singapore. Yoni's history in Physical Computing education began when he founded the Robotics Club at Tufts University in 1995. He is an engaging, fun-loving instructor and has inspired students to win awards in national competitions such as Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) and Robocup.

Years Software
Engineering Experience
Coaching over
Students Every Year
Camp Asia Elite Sports coach
Cort Wee: Coding & Electronics Guru

Cort is a former Navy engineer and an experienced software developer. He believes that everyone can be a "Maker" and has been inspiring kids to create through robotics, game design, electronics, coding, and 3D designs for many years.

Years Electrical Engineering
and Programming 
Programmer from Micro-
chips to Super-Computers
Inspires over
Students Yearly
Age Days Timing Price Per Week
10 through 13 Monday to Friday 8:55 am to 12 pm $399 (incl. Makerspace Kit)

*Price includes Makerspace kit (BBC micro:bit programmable mini-computer and accessories)

Sample Timetable (Creating Smart Devices)

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:55-09:00 Online Check-In | Virtual Icebreaker (Google Classroom/Google Meet)    
09:00-09:20 LIVE Ice-breaker / Intro to daily tasks


Nuts & Bolts

Measuring Buzz Physical Computing Get Your Motor Runnin' Sensory Exploration
10:00-10:30 Break / Virtual Playground (Interactive LIVE Feed)
10:30 - 10:40 Teacher's Briefing (Google Meet)
10:40-11:20 LEDs Dimmers.  Micro-Controllers Puppet Show Sense-o-Matic 5000
11:20 - 11:30 Show & Tell (Google Meet)

11:30 - 11:55

Final Game (Google Meet)
12:00  Reflection / Day Ends

Information to note prior to booking:

Parent and Child iCamp Guidelines

Please ensure that you have read and understood the iCamp Parent/Child Guidelines prior to booking the camp.

iCamp Equipment/Materials

For iCamps that require compulsory equipment (Robotics/Electronics Makerspace Kit) - Camp Asia will deliver the week before camp, for those who have fully PAID.

Makerspace Kits

Makerspace Kits are included in the Camp fees and these will be delivered to customers the week before Camp. Children can KEEP Makerspace Kits after their week of Electronic Makerspace iCamp.

User Email Addresses for Google Classroom

Stamford American International School and Australian International School students can use their student emails to login to class. All other users will have an email account created for them (and shared with parents) after booking. 

Google Classroom Recordings

Please note that all of Camp Asia's online classes will be recorded (and deleted post-camp) as a necessary safeguarding measure to serve both children and our members of staff.

If you would like further information please call us or drop us an email.