Getting Prepared For iCamps

Before your child is ready to jump into their iCamp, there are some helpful things that parents can do to get best prepared for the week:

  • Kindly create your ZOOM account and test your login credentials ahead of your iCamp week. 
  • Zoom link will be shared with you the week prior to commencement, but won't be active til 8.50am on Monday (no tasks/resources will be shared until Monday)
  • Take a few minutes to talk through the iCamp timetable to set expectations prior to camp.
  • Be prepared to get your child set up in their Camp Asia Zoom Room (It may help if you join them for the ice-breaking session if there are any nerves on Day 1) 
  • If you can (and depending on the camp) please have pencils, coloured pencils, eraser, sharpener, ruler, scissors, glue stick, paper, notebook, markers available for the week
  • Decide which device they will use and ensure it is preloaded with any apps the Camp requires (should be clear in the Parent Information email for each camp)

Getting The Most From iCamps

  • We advise parents to check-in regularly on your child’s well-being and learning...
  • Making sure they are happy at the beginning and the end of each day is important (and we welcome their feedback too!)
  • Watch for Camp Communications - without the physical face-to-face we will rely on email communication more than ever
  • Support exercise and physical activity - despite being online, we hope to keep kids active and that may involve a walk/jog or jump around the house!
  • Reach out to us if you need support - either technical or if believe your child could benefit from a private conversation

Safeguarding Online

Camp Asia remains committed to the safeguarding of campers and staff in the world of the Online iCamps.
Please email for any matters relating to safeguarding, child protection or if you/your child would like to talk to a member of staff at any time.

Finally, we ask our parents to follow the safety guidelines below:

  • Ensure that appropriate adult supervision is in place as needed when campers are logged on. Instructors cannot hold a conference with a child unless a supervising adult is in the room.
  • Respect the online learning platform and treat this space as you would any other camp group/classroom.
  • Teachers will only contact students using Parent/Camp Asia email or LIVE on the Zoom meet.
  • Respect intellectual property and use the online learning platform and material respectfully. Material should not be shared with others outside of the Camp Asia community.
  • Parents and students should not use, download or share any photos or recordings from Camp Asia.
  • Campers, and other members of their household must wear suitable clothing during Zoom sessions. If everyone is not dressed appropriately, end the conversation until everyone is dressed.
  • Parents should review and set their privacy and password setting accordingly, to ensure that children are safe online.
  • Conduct chat in appropriate areas, (eg. not in bedrooms) with a neutral background.
  • Language must be professional and appropriate, including any family members present.

Of course, if you would like further information please call us or drop us an email.