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Playmaker (Ages 6-8) - NEW

In the PlayMaker program, children are engaged in activities involving robots such as Bee-Bot and KIBO as well as simple hands-on electronics such as littleBits and Circuit Stickers. They learn to problem solve and develop sequencing skills. Activities are centered around storytelling, building and playing in a social setting, in contrast to the traditional notion of technology being isolating.

Micro:bit (Ages 12-16) - NEW

Technology enables children to become digital makers, allowing them to express themselves digitally, and it's their device to own. Children will learn to program and create their own game on the device, MicroBit. They will be able to create programs that will control LEDs, buttons, buzzers, servos, motors, LCD character displays, light sensors, etc. They will be programming the Micro Bit microcontroller to control both built-in components and plugged-in components to create a wide range of electronics projects.

Please be sure not to send your kid to camp with a computer as all classes will be held in one of our computer labs and we have more than enough to go round.

"Aiden has always been a tech kid so this was the best camp for him, it made his holiday special and he picked up so many new skills.”

Upcoming Dates

Camp Dates:

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Camp Details

Age Days Timing Price Per Week
6 through 8 Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm
$710 (No Pro Rata)*
9 through 11 Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm $710 (No Pro Rata)*
12 through 16 Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm $710 (No Pro Rata)*

*Price includes a yummy lunch, healthy morning and afternoon snacks and an awesome Camp Asia T-shirt

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Sample Timetables

6-8 Years, PlayMaker

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


09:00-10:00 Moving the Bee-Dot Robot Turtles - Intermediate Puzzles   Circuit Stickers - Parallel 
Circuits and Debugging Circuits 
KIBO - Inputs and conditionals    Robot Turtles - Advanced Puzzles

10:00-10:30 Break
10:30-11:30 Story Time Programing at KIBO Story Time littleBits - Exploring inputs and outputs Story Time Robert Turtles - Advanced Puzzles  Story Time LittleBits - Buzzing Booklet and Burglar Buzzer Story Time CircuitStickers - Designing a custom card
11:30-12:30 Circuit Stickers - Introduction to Electricity  Bee-Bot - Moving around the community  littleBits - Creepy Eyeball and Moving Collage Projects Bee-Dot - Designing custom mats to tell a story Circuit Stickers - Implementing and decorating custom card
12:30 - 13:00      Lunch 
13:00-14:00 Circuit Stickers -Tape Resist Art Circuit Stickers - Simple Circuit and Debugging Circuits KIBO - Engineering Design Cycle and Repeats KIBO - Designing and coding a dance littleBits -Domain Defender and Top Secret Projects
14:00-15:00 Robot Turtles - Beginner Puzzles KIBO - Sequencing Actions Circuit Stickers - Switches KIBO - Decorating KIBO and dance showcase Wrap-Up 
15.00  Afternoon Snack and Home

12-16 Years, Micro:Bit 

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


09:00-10:00 Introduction to Micro:Bit - Making, Prototyping and electronics and Microsoft PXT editor Project - Scissors, Paper, Stone extend the game with their symbols Project Mr. Krabby - Using the servo and other recycled materials, students build a programmable claw machine Part 1  Project - Build & Design your own smart home Part 1 Final Project- Implementation and Consultation

10:00-10:30 Break
10:30-11:30 Project: MicroPet Primer on Cardboard Prototyping and PXT programming - Using LED Display to respond to button press inputs Project: Catching Snowflakes, Introduction to analog, digital inputs, and outputs. 
Project: Mr. Krabby - Using the servo and other recycled materials, students build a programmable claw machine Part 2  Project - Build & Design your own smart home Part 2 Final Project- Implementation and Consultation
11:30-12:30 Project: Making Some Noise using PXT Programming  Project: Mr. Krabby - Programming the claw to move, light and sounds  Project: Sharing of Projects and collection of user feedback Final Project- Presentations and collection of user feedback 
12:30 - 13:00      Lunch 
13:00-14:00 Project: Scissors, Paper and Stone - Using gestures as inputs and additional concepts to create a simple game
Project: Puns Not Needles - Introduction to the different IO pins on the Microbit, the external components with the breakout board
Project Ideation: Design thinking cycle and prototyping skills
Final Project: Ideation and consultation  Beyond the microBit: Comparison the different platforms strengths and weaknesses 
14:00-15:00 Final Project: Initial Prototyping Wrap-Up 
15.00  Afternoon Snack and Home

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Some stuff you’ll need to know before booking:

These details apply to all camps and both of our campuses.

Dropping Off

Activities kick off at 9 am, but we have free drop off from 8.30 am where children can join in a free choice activity.


We have a full time nurse on site for every camp week to manage health checks every morning and administer medication/first aid if it’s needed. All camp staff have up-to-date first aid training.


Lunch and snacks are included in the cost of your camp. If your kid is a vegetarian or doesn’t/can’t eat beef, pork, seafood, dairy or eggs, that’s cool. Just tell us beforehand in your child’s details online… or most other diet needs come to that. If your kid has a nut allergy, don’t worry, we don’t go near there either Camp Asia has a no nut policy.

Bus Service

We offer a highly convenient, safe, secure and sociable bus service to and from camp, calling at a stop near you. Click here for all the info.

Please also check out our FAQs page, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us or drop us an email.

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